Saturday, June 5, 2010

Affine Transformations modeling + Fabrication

After almost one year, this blog is going back to life again! This post is dedicated to University project I've been working a while - Generic Explorations 05. It's based on AFFINE transformations, Cellular Automata [CA] and other mathematical and generic principles applied on interior arhitecture.

For this experiment I've used Grasshopper definition for Affine Transformations to generate the variable curve sections, and create Armchair surface.
Parameters used for generating object are related to translations and rotation along the Y-axis, with scale factor [0.3] and number of iterations/generations [4].
The whole modeling and fabrication process has been made in Grasshopper.
More informations will be able very soon along with the matching definitions.
For any further questions about this generative process please be free to leave a comment.

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manoj singh said...

I want to discuss about affine transformation, an affine transformation is any transformation that preserves col-linearity and ratios of distances. In this sense, affine indicates a special class of projective transformations that do not move any objects from the affine space to the plane at infinity or conversely. An affine transformation is also called an affinity.
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